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Welcome to Miradorpark.com At Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists we are proud to present our work at El Mirador Park and bring you first hand information about what goes on at this remote site, its state of conservation and the park’s management and regulations as well as to explain the challenges it faces! We have prepared this website to inform the general public about how to get there, what to see and we have also included a section on interesting facts about El Mirador on our Mirador Trivia page.

Studio C in Guatemala City produced very accurate portraits of how the buildings at El Mirador must have looked. Visitors may appreciate these illustrations on the informative panels found at the site of El Mirador.

Miradorpark.com's objective is not only to attract more lucky visitors to see the greatness and monumentality of El Mirador with us and to travel by helicopter, on muleback or on foot to see this amazing site, it is also to inform everyone interested in El Mirador about the ongoing excavation at the site from a scientific perspective –but in layman terms- in our archaeology section. We have prepared a section on Archaeology and Architecture, including an article on Mirador Facts & Early Explorers, as well as information on the Dig at El Mirador & Mirador Basin Project. We have prepared a detailed account on the Ancient Maya of El Mirador as well as a complete report of Mirador’s Dynastic Rulers. Additionally, you will find an elaborate explanation on the Calendars & Long Count System of the Ancient Maya, which is also available in this section.

You will be able to read up on the Pre Classic architecture you will find at El Mirador and explore the magnificent architectural compounds of the Tigre Complex, Structure 34, The Great Central Acropolis & Structure 313, and the Hydraulic System. Anyone who has climbed the Danta Complex can describe the lush view of the jungle that embraces the remains of this vast ancient city, the first State in the Americas. You may want to read up on the Pava Group, which you will find as you make your way back from the top of La Danta Pyramid to the acropolis and the campsite. For those with more than a day to explore El Mirador you may be able to include Cascabel Group, the Leon Pyramid (E Group), and the Monos Complex in your visit. These are all noteworthy must-sees on your trip to El Mirador. Furthermore, there are some other sites in and around the Mirador Rio Azul National Park, which you would only be able to visit if you decided to go on a muleback or trekking expedition and if you have 5 days and 4 nights you would be able to see the site of La Muerta in more detail. If you are in top shape you could return to Carmelita by way of La Florida instead of just backtracking back to El Tintal. It will take you at least 7 days and 6 nights to include a visit to Nakbe, and if you wanted to include Naachtun, and even explore the wonders of Rio Azul during your visit you will need to allow at least 12 to 14 days to be able to visit the main highlights of the Mirador Rio Azul National Park and to discover the wonders of the Pre Classic and the Classic Maya that inhabited this region for thousand of years from the earliest settlements in the Maya World to their latest occupation of the area in the terminal Classic.
El Mirador has captured the imagination of thousands of people –both in Guatemala and abroad- who have read about the fantastic archaeological discoveries made at El Mirador on local newspapers, international magazines and TV documentaries, but can find very little reliable information elsewhere about the site as such.

On this website you will be able to appreciate some of the most recent discoveries, which have already been published on previous year's field reports, articles, TV documentaries & other sources. We promise to constantly revise and update this site and, at a later date -after the results of each year's field season have been presented to the Guatemalan government, mainly to IDAEH (Institute of Anthropology and History in Guatemala)- we will share them with you.

Any new discoveries at the site first need to be reported and published before we are authorized to disclose any of this important information to you.

We also want to share this site with everyone and go beyond the language barriers. We pledge to publish this site in English and Spanish first and then translate it into French and German, and then into Russian to get more people from around the world to get to know El Mirador and to help us protect this last of amazing pristine forests dotted with ancient remains of one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world: the Pre Classic Maya!

The untouched forest gives way to a small oval clearing in the escarpment: helipad by day and planetarium by night. El Mirador is one of the few places on Earth where one may still enjoy stargazing at its best, due to the unsurpassed clarity of the night sky under the light-pollution-free celestial abode as seen from Northern Guatemala. El Mirador, July 2008

Last but not least, this website is dedicated to the enthusiastic team of Guatemalan and international archaeologists, specialists, technicians and workers. It is a modest acknowledgement and recognition of Richard Hansen's hard work and perseverance and to all who come to the jungle -year after year- to try to gain better understanding of the importance of El Mirador. They will tell us about the accomplishments of the great ancient Pre Classic Maya, who lived here more than 2000 years ago, abruptly abandoned the site around 150 AD and left their testimony for posterity, one of greatness and glory. Because it is the cradle of the Maya civilization it is changing many of the things we previously thought we knew about the Maya, giving way to new theories that are put to the test every day under the scorching sun and in the discomfort of working in a bug-laden jungle all around El Mirador and during months of detailed studies made back at their laboratory in Guatemala City. We started creating this website at El Mirador during the 2008 field season, with the collaboration of this great team of professionals from various disciplines working at the site. We carried out documental research using articles facilitated by Richard Hansen, as well as checking the field reports from previous years and documented the work unfolding at the site by way of direct observation at the different structures at El Mirador. On site interviews were conducted directly with the archaeologists in charge of the excavations at El Mirador and the analysis was completed by conducting supplementary research. All articles were written by Carla Molina, using journalistic techniques with the highest quality and standard producer guidelines, and the content and opinion reported in each article are her sole responsibility. The intellectual property of these articles is also protected by law and is in no way to be published or transcribed on other websites or formats, nor does it constitute a scientific thesis about the architecture, archaeological or scientific research conducted at the site, whose intellectual property belongs exclusively to the Mirador Project and is not reflected on this pages. We hope you will enjoy Miradorpark.com !


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